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San Diego Refinishing Services

John’s San Diego Bathtub Refinishing services is proud to not only provide bathtub reglazing and refinishing, but also refinishing for all types of other surfaces such as counter reglazing and bathroom and kitchen sink reglazing or refinishing, and more. If you’re tired of an old bathtub, sink, or counters, or even your tiles, shower, or any other surface, don’t jump to buying a brand new one for the hefty cost of replacement when you can simply resurface, refinish, or reglaze the existing piece! Just take a look at our services and reach out for a FREE estimate! We’re always happy to speak with you.

Our Services

Bathtub Refinishing / Reglazing

✮ Sinks & Vanities

✮ Tiling, Floors, Walls

✮ Showers 

✮ Chip Repair and Bathtub Repair

San Diego CA Bathtub Refinishing
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John's San Diego Bathtub Reglazing
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We offer All In One Remodeling and Home Improvement Services

Refinishing not only saves you a tremendous amount of money, most job can be completed the same day, as everything stays in place. You could be using your beautiful tub and tile the very next day. The new finish is extremely durable, easy to clean, and can be applied in any color.

Sink and tile resurfacing in San Diego costs much less than completely replacing the sink or investing in a remodeling project. Of course nobody wants to have to tear rooms apart in their house if they don’t have to or have to have an invasive process of the remodeling crew walking all over the place. No one wants to shell out more money than is necessary. You can enjoy the luxurious bathtub you’ve always wanted – without buying something brand new!

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San Diego Refinishing Services

Did you look up ‘bathtub refinishing near me’ or ‘bathtub reglazing near me’? You’re in the right place! We are a full scale San Diego refinishing service for all your home needs. Bathroom, Kitchen, floor, bathtub, walls, bath, shower, counters, and more. Just get in touch with us for a free quote.

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